The creator of Lily Max is Jane Bloomfield, who had a great grandmother called Maxwell. Maxwell had white hair down to her bottom, which she pinned into a bun the shape of a donut every morning. Mackie lived to 100 and made the best shortbread on the planet.

Jane was absolutely tickled pink the day her first book, 'Lily Max: Satin, Scissors, Frock' was launched. She wore a pink dress and threw a big party at a fabulous cafe.

The invitation looked like this:










Like Lily Max, Jane loves dressing up and creating things. Some of her past jobs have included, marketing manager, strawberry picker, pumpkin polisher (not kidding), florist & flower grower and running a designer cushion label. She lives in Queenstown, New Zealand with her husband and three beautifully behaved children who never hide their peas or broccoli on the little ledge under the kitchen table.

NEWS FLASH!! The incredibly talented artiste, Guy Fisher is currently illustrating Book Two in the Lily Max series -                                *Lily Max* Slope, Style, Fashion - find it in all great book shops, October 2016!







  Follow Lily Max on a fun fashion-filled adventure on skis!
















When she's not creating Lily Max stories she writes a blog for grownups called the truth is stranger than fiction

Jane says, "I hope my books inspire children to be creative and a little experimental with fashion - not to be afraid to rock their own style. Lily Max is her own person, she's probably the type of girl I wish I'd been - doggedly determined against all odds, and outspoken."

Hey kids ! If you've read my book and would like to write a review or offer some feedback, please email jane@lilymax.co.nz One line will do, with your first name and age thanks! The nicest comments will be quoted on this site!! And every writer will receive a Lily Max sticker bookplate. Whoop whoop. Dont be shy now.