Book 3

Book 3 in the series in-store

November 2017!

Young fashionista Lily Max reunites with her long-lost BFF Greer at a beautiful surf beach, where the movie Wave is being filmed. A perfect summer together stretches out before them ... until local surfer-boy Ryder becomes an unwanted third wheel.

 When Lily Max auditions as the body-double of the young female lead, and dares Greer and Ryder on a secret mission to a derelict lighthouse, things start to go weirdly wrong ...

 Lily Max is back for her latest adventure in this wickedly funny tale of fashion, friendship, creative ingenuity, and bravery on one long hot crazy summer.

"It's REALLY good!" Edie, 8, bookworm

"A rollicking beach read." Sarah Forster, Booksellers NZ**

"This going to be the hit-book of Summer 17! Not that I'm biased or anything." Sue Copsey, editor.

"If it rains all summer in Auckland, you will really need this book!" Jane, author

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Ellie Dann, age 13, Auckland says, "Lily Max; Sun, Surf, Action is a wonderful book for anyone my age. I'm not really into reading much, but I really enjoyed it and found it easy to read. Lily Max reminds me of my friend Greta and I thought you captured her personality really well. I thought the lighthouse mission was really exciting. It was a fun adventure."

Cover Illustration & Design - Guy Fisher

  (2) Review by Trish Hereaka, for New Zealand Book Council. The School Library.

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Here's a sneaky peek of an early sketch of 1 of 35 surf-tac-u-lar illustrations by Guy Fisher, you'll find in this book: