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Ha tricked you! This is actually the REVIEW page. If you're thinking or buying or borrowing 'Lily Max: Satin, Scissors, Frock' for your young reader, but would like to hear what the professionals think of it first? Please read on ...

(1)Reviewed by Isobel Marriner, Canvas Magazine, The Books Issue, 2015

"From the pen of this local writer springs the irrepressible Lily Max, a junior fiction fashionista whose original sense of style finds her running foul of the school disciplinarian Miss Sprotts (approximately 250 years old). When the theme for the school dance is announced as "winter wonderland", Lily is over the moon, desperate to beat her arch rival the scheming Violet Hughes to win the crown of best-dressed Snow Queen. But the best laid dress plans often go astray ... Like Lily Max, this book has its own original style - it's funny, quirky, and hugely enjoyable - and would be a great gift for young style junkies and budding designers."


(2) Reviewed by author, Maria Gill

"An exciting new voice in junior fiction

Lily Max: Satin, Scissors, Frock by Jane Bloomfield (Luncheon Sausage Books)

If you're a fan of Lauren Child, Victoria Azaro and Alan Bradley's precocious child characters then you'll thoroughly enjoy Jane Bloomfield's first book 'Lily Max: Satin, Scissors, Frock'.

Lily Max is a fashion designer extraordinaire. When her school puts on a ball with a promise that the boy and girl with the best outfits are crowned King and Queen - Lily Max goes all-out to design a spectacular outfit. However, her arch enemy Violet is also just as determined to win and will do so at all costs. Who will be crowned Queen? Will Lily Max be dateless? Can she beat her arch enemy to win the circus assistant job and will she ever hear from her BFF in the States?

Jane has developed delightful characters, with hilarious lines. There's drama, great costumes, and DIY assessories - sure to be popular with 8-12 year old girls. Guy Fisher's quirky illustrations complement the text."

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(3) Reviewed by librarian, Crissi Blair 

"Lily Max is a bright and lively character with a passion for fashion. She makes her own clothes and very original accessories (would YOU wear boots with doll heads glued on?). She's also pretty passionate about her friends, school and anything else that takes her fancy. I can hear her voice in my head as I read - high pitched and a hundred miles an hour. Now this might not be the voice that I most want in my head, but as my daughter pointed out to me, that's exactly the sort of character she loved to read about when she was younger - in her Louise Rennison days, and she's quite right. I can think of any number of girls in the 7-10 age group at the school I used to work at who would love this story of creativity, competition, family, trickery and triumph.

Queenstown author, Jane Bloomfield, has had this feisty character in her head for 10 years and she's made a great start with publication by Steve Braunius' publishing baby, Luncheon Sausage Books, putting it out in time for Christmas and making it into the Whitcoulls Christmas catalogue - no mean feat for a New Zealand book that's not from a mainstream publisher.  Illustrations scattered throughout are loose and a little bit weird (just like Lily Max) and concocted by Guy Fisher, ex Arrowtown local, now living in Spain. 

With such a lively character as Lily Max I'd expect that there will be more stories (and extraordinary outfits) from her in the future."

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(4) Reviewed by Fairfax reviewer,  Trevor Agnew

"Lily Max: Satin, Scissors, Frock is more a cast of characters than a title. Young Lily Max sees herself as a “zany fashionista” and spends her time designing outrageous (pronounced out-ray-juice) fashion statements. Her ambition is to create a ball-gown that will have her chosen as the Queen of the school’s Winter Wonderland Ball. (Think half Queenstown and half Disney Channel.) “First up, I sketch a high sheer neckline with capped sleeves and a satin-y, bodice-y bit.” (Guy Fisher’s illustrations are helpful here.)

 Lily Max is sublimely self-confident but faces the hostility of jealous rival Violet and autocratic “school officer” Miss Sprotts. Disaster looms. What follows is silly fun with every ensemble described in detail.  

If horse-mad young girls are catered for with pony stories, why shouldn’t there be stories about making clothes for the Lily Maxes of this world? It’s best to regard this story as a soap opera rather than a novel. By the end, it’s more of a circus but it’s a lively read."

(Note: This review first appeared in Your Weekend magazine, Fairfax newspapers, on 30 Jan 2016)

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(5) Booknotes Unbound (produced by the NZ Book Council) In "The School Library"

 Reviewed by Judith Smallbone, Assistant Head of Faculty – Languages at John Paul College, Rotorua (25 October 2016)

Lily Max is determined to win the Snow Queen crown at the school ball by designing and creating the winning dress. Of course, she is not the only one dreaming of winning – but do the other contenders have the same eye for design and fashion? Lily Max is an individual; a young woman who is not afraid to forgo fashion’s rules and create her own! A delightful first book from author Jane Bloomfield, Lily Max is a confident and creative young woman who enjoys to stand out and be different from the crowd.

This is a really nice story which reinforces the importance of being yourself, and if that involves hot gluing doll’s heads onto your sneakers – then so be it! Lily Max is the star in cast of believable characters, some as to be expected e.g. mean teacher, crazy relative, as well as a couple of surprise characters.

A positive, well-written book that I really enjoyed and will be recommending to my nieces. Appropriate for readers 8 years and up.

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