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You might have worked out Jane loves WORDS, and making up words. Here are some of her latest:

    FANCY                                                            RIDIC                  

                          VROOMP                  SKIFFLE

           AWKWARD             KER PLOP                 EARWIG

 VOLE              DRASTIC                  INSANE            BUZZ OFF

          SKI FREAK            ELOISE                  PIPPI

 HOT DOG                !                    SICK                POSSE

               SEE YOU IN CLASS                  WHIP

  BAM            AND                  SQUIRREL         SPECTACULAR

        POP       SABOTAGE                 MASSIVE 

  SWITCH                       TROUBLE                GNARLY

            NINCOMPOOP                    CONNIPTION

                                  GO AWAY

 PRINCIPESSA            SWINEHERD            F.Y.A

            CABBAGE                         INCRED

                                         YOUR TURN

                                                                          DO IT!

Yo ya’ll MORE Free Printables here. CHECK OUT these nifty doorhangers crafted to suit any mood, any day. Just pop some soft card into your all-colour-printer and press CLICK HERE. Don’t fret if you don’t have a colour printer. You can whip out your felt tips and glitter pens and colour-in your own, in your own style. Or just copy my colourways!


Please Tidy My Room I’m all tangled up


Sometimes you need to ask for help. Simple. Especially when your room is lost under piles of STUFF and needs to be excavated, in order to rediscover the rich treasures within. Like when they dug out Tutankhamen’s Tomb in Egypt. Plus if you’re late for school and your little brother has just dropped your hairbrush down the toilet. And your hair is caught around the door handle.

H E L P!

To print above Doorhanger CLICK HERE 

Don’t Mess with the Floor-d-robe

Other times - you do not want anyone to muss with your muddle. You might be in the middle of a very important design project. If you’ve read my Handy Tips page you’ll know that I mostly like a messy room. Usually I know where everything is. But have you seen my rabbit slippers? They used to belong to my dad when he was seven. They may have hopped off hippity happity hoppity down the hallway…  P e t e r

To print above Doorhanger CLICK HERE 


Shsh Sleeping, Star Light Star Bright the first Star You’ll see tonight

I know we’re young. But us kids need our beauty sleep too. So if, do-not-disturb is required - hang this out. Of course you might be having a sneaky midnight feast. I was going to get Gustav to make another door hanger for the exact purpose of midnight feasting – but alas I ran out of purple passion potatoes. He in fact prefers parsnips now, an heirloom variety called King James Extra-extremely tricky to find.

To print above Doorhanger CLICK HERE

Make yourself the Star. Print off the colouring-in version of Shsh Sleeping, colour it in and add your name. Voila. Another star is born. To print Shs-Sleeping-Colour-in CLICK HERE


Don’t wait until you’re all bunged up with the flu and stuck in bed. Enjoy breakfast in bed anytime with my Breakfast in Bed order form. I mean it’s not like us kids get to have a ‘Mother’s Day’ or a ‘Father’s Day’ is it? For best results complete form and hang on door by 7pm. Then as you awake from your sleepy slumber the next morning, dreaming about your delicious breakfast. A majordomo will appear bearing a breakfast tray and your meal of choice. Enjoy.


 To print above Doorhanger CLICK HERE