Xmas Angel

I love December. It's the month to feel jolly happy all the time, because it's nearly Christmas (or Xmas which is easier to spell). Gustav has been extremely busy drawing a beautiful, wait for it, drum roll...

                                 Lily Max Xmas Angel

(Luckily I can pay him now because my first crop of rare Purple Passion potatoes are ready for harvesting. I'm just not sure how to get them by post to Russia?)

So whenever you’re feeling Xmas-ee and want to make your own Angel for the tippy top of your Xmas tree, get out your: scissors, glu-stick, an old cereal packet, heaps of glitter and gold paint (or whatever you've got), and get crafty.

There are two versions to choose from:

Lily Max Angel – star boots/mini dress - CLICK HERE

Lily Max Angel – wing boots/maxi dress - CLICK HERE

NB. Ask for help if any of the snipping-out is too tricky!

Then when you've finished download another copy and make an Angel for a friend. I'm making one for my sister Angelica, because she was a little downhearted not to be the Angel in the first place, with her nickname being Angel and all. Dad says, Lily Max, Christmas is a good time to be kind to your sister and brother. Especially if you want Santa to call!